Flint Group receives Expanded Gamut Printing partnership certificate Marvaco Ltd.

Stuttgart, Germany, February 2018 - Flint Group, a global supplier of high-quality flexo-printing plates and inks, is delighted to be awarded the Expanded Gamut Printing (EGP) Partnership Certificate by Marvaco Ltd, a pioneer in modern EGP technology. The certificate recognises the company’s capability of delivering tools for successful implementation of this modern production process.

Flint Group supplies package printers with high quality, state of the art, inks and coatings, and photopolymer plate raw materials to support the Expanded Gamut Printing process. The first Full HD EGP project between Flint Group and Marvaco was initiated 2015 and resulted an ultra-high-quality job “Petfood,” printed in cooperation with Soma at 100 lpcm (254 lpi) on OPP in Drupa’16. Since then, Flint Group and Marvaco have implemented the Full HD EGP also for water-based inks on paper, and both UV and solvent-based inks on self-adhesive labels.
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